The Affordable Movers - RDJ Hauling & Delivery LLC
Junk Hauling:
Junk Hauling - We can haul away and dispose unwanted household items. 
NOTE:We can dispose the household goodsbeforethe moving day, afterthe move is completed or as a separate service.
Items we can dispose:
Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses, Brush, Carpet, Exercise Equipment, TV’s, Computer Monitors, Bicycles, Tires, Car Batteries,  Dehumidifiers and much more.
Items we DON'T dispose:
Hazardous Chemical Waste such as Stain, Varnish, Paint remover, Thinner, Gasoline,  Kerosene, Aerosol  Cleaners, Weed Killers, Oil Based Paint, Fertilizers, Etc.
All items are disposed legally in Metro Park East Landfill or South Dallas County Landfill.
Ph. 515-771-4851
Fax: 866-825-2627